Thank you for deciding to submit your paper to International Journal of Music Therapy.
Check List and publication authorization agreement
Please make sure you have satisfied the points on the following checklist before submitting your manuscript.

1. E-mail addresses
Do you have a valid e-mail address for IAMTcorrespondence? It is necessary that you provide the e-mail addresses of all the co-authors of the manuscript so that we can inform the co-authors when the manuscript has been received and when it is published.

2. Instructions to Authors
Have you read the detailed Instructions to Authors for IAMTOnline Submission?

3. Cover letter (optional)
Have you prepared a cover letter for your submission explaining why we should publish your manuscript, elaborating on any issues relating to our editorial policies detailed in the instructions for authors and declaring any potential competing interests? This should be uploaded using the 'cover letter' section of the submission process.

4. Suggested reviewers
Do you have the contact details (including e-mail addresses) of potential peer reviewers for your paper? They should be experts in your field of study, who will be able to provide an objective assessment of the manuscript's quality. Any peer reviewer you suggest should not be a member of the same research institution.

5. Manuscript files
Do you have all the files for the manuscript in an acceptable format? One plain MS Word file should be submitted. Characters and numbers used within the figures and tables should not be smaller than those used in the text. Please do not use any style. PDF file is also acceptable at the start. MS Word file is, however, necessary after acceptance of the paper.

6. Are you one of the authors of this article?
If not, you cannot submit the article on behalf of the authors. The corresponing author, the one who is submitting the article takes responsibility for the article during submission.

Yes,I accept the conditions of submission and hereby authorize the International Journal of Music Therapy to publish my paper and confirm that it has not been published before nor is under consideration for publication by any other journal. I also accept not to submit it to any other journal, while it is under review by IAMT.